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We develop need-oriented intricate instructional manuals for our clients to bridge the gap between the existing status of the learner and the target status to be achieved. The manuals may be in different forms viz. printed-manuals, interactive CDs and manuals embedded upon websites.

The vehicle of delivering the training inputs may be different. However the meticulous mechanism of developing the manual is based on the standardized principles of Andragogy (adult learning) irrespective of its delivery system.

Phase I: Initially we critically analyze the existing features of the learners, their objectives, the gap between their present and intended status, and the graphical mapping of the potency and aspiration of the target group in different axis.

Phase II: Subsequently we design the training curricula encapsulating the instructional inputs that are to be delivered. We also design the most feasible and effective method of training delivery depending upon the affordability and the imbibing potency of the target group.

Phase III: In this phase we develop the tangible instructional manual for explicating the theme of instruction to the trainees, covering diversified flow-charts, diagrams and graphical representation for the purpose of elucidation.

Phase IV: In this phase we orchestrate the process of conveying the manual to the trainees, retrieve their feedback, analyze their feedback, and proceed further in generating process-driven training solutions.

Phase V: At the terminal phase we administer reliable and valid assessment tools for evaluating the functional efficacy of the Instructional Material developed by us.