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Technical Documentation
Instructional Design
  • Concept-Paper: Prior to the formulation of any project-proposal, it is necessary to design a concept paper for making the target-audience convinced regarding the originality of the concept. Hence we develop precise and concise concept papers for our clients so that they can mesmerize their target-audience by the ingenious concepts floated by them.

  • Project-Proposal: After the approval of the concept of the project, it becomes necessary to frame integrated and exhaustive project-proposals portraying the intricacies of the project encompassing the rudimentary input, potential output, and probable outcome of the project, thus establishing cost-effectiveness and the viability of the project. Hence we develop such integrated project-proposals for our clients so that they can convince their target-audience regarding the feasibility of the proposed project, by delineating the minute intricacies of the project-proposal.

  • Project-Report: We do prepare project-reports for our clients so that they can make their target-group apprised regarding the pattern of project implementation and tangible output emphasizing the comparative cost –benefit appraisal of the project.

  • Annual Report: We do compose exhaustive annual-reports for ensuring distinct portrayal of our client’s policies, strategies, performance and achievements during one financial year.

  • Institutional Profile (Brochures and Websites): We design brochures and websites for portraying our clients’ genesis, vision, mission, stratagems, organizational-structure, organizational-resource, functional-intricacies and tangible accomplishments.

  • Documents pertaining to emergence of organizations: We do draft Trust-Deeds, Partnership–Deeds and Memorandum of Associations etc. for our clients intending to float organizations.

  • Minutes and Resolutions: We do shape up the proceedings of the meetings by proper documentation of minutes and transcription of resolutions taken and averred by the participants at the completion of meetings.

  • Contracts: We draft objective-oriented and business-specific bipartite and tripartite contracts between two and three different parties respectively, taking care of the needs of each party.

  • Manuals: We have the potency of designing intricate manuals of products and service offered by our clients. The task of developing manuals is undoubtedly an excruciating one involving series of steps. With utmost precision and accuracy we carry out intensive research pertaining to the intricacies of the product and service delivered by the clients. After collecting the rudimentary information, we analyze the facts and figures pertaining to the niceties of the products and services. Finally we elicit the beneficial features of the products and services and transcribe them eloquently in a seamless pattern within the manuals.

  • Process Documentation: We have often found that organizations are generating terrific processes marked by highly tangible beneficial attributes. However the methodology of developing such processes is not documented for future replication or for further comparative appraisal with competitive processes. To address this deficit we go for Process Documentation. We minutely ascertain each and every intricacy of the process and get them written in a logical sequence thus developing meticulous process-documents. Such process documents are often used by the clients for ready reference.